Mitsu Okita
Mitsu Okita
Some attributes
First Birth Name: Mitsu Asoka Ko Okita

Nicknames: Mitsu-chan (by Toku, Heisuke, Harada and Shinpachi)

Holy Oracle (by various Fae)

Mit (by Okita)

Title(s): Keeper of Fae Archives, Intelligent Beauty of the Species

Age: 31

Birth Date: May 2nd, 1976

Second Race: Fae

Species: Oracle

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Forest Green

Height: 5'3

Weight: 55kg (121 lbs)

Third Okita Katsujiro (father, deceased)

Okita Mariko (mother, deceased)

Okita Souji (brother)

Other attributes
Fourth Abilities: Precognition, Retrocogniton, Mediumship, Immortality

Skills: Cooking, Latin

Fifth Items: Holy Book of Fae
Sixth Loyalty: Brotherhood of the Fae, Warrior Family of Okita
Lady Mitsu Asoka Ko Okita, also known as the Holy Oracle, is a main protagonist and the Intelligent Beauty of the Fae; she serves as the Keeper of the Fae Archives and is the elder sister of the warrior Okita Souji. She, like Toku, is a sisterly figure towards Chizuru Yukimura, the human doctor who was thrust into the Fae world because of her supernatural abilties.


Mitsu was born on May 2nd, 1976 to Katsujiro and Mariko Okita as their first child, when she was three her younger brother Souji was born and she immediately fell in love with him, developing a protective, motherly nature towards him; she was taught how to use her powers over the future and past and was also taught how to be a lady like Toku, though she did not retain most of the skills except for cooking and became more interested in books much to the dismay of her mother; Mitsu and Souji, like the rest of the Brotherhood, lost their parents to Dark Ones when Souji was twelve and Mitsu ended up becoming his guardian at fifteen; when Mitsu was eighteen she became the Keeper of the Fae Archives and Souji joined the Brotherhood due to his skill with swords, she became close friends with Toku Hijikata and who was then known as Otsune Arai and ended up moving into the mansion to keep an eye on her brother.