The Fae (sometimes spelled as Fey) are a race of mythological creatures who have existed for centuries, consisting of various species that are typically human-like in appearance.

In the early centuries they showed off their supernatural prowess with pride and glee, but have adapted to hiding their powers out of fear of being prosecuted, fading away to become legends, fairy-tales and myths; they have become immeresed into the modern world, speaking human languages and holding jobs like any ordinary human and some have even thrown away their Fae heritage to live like humans much to the dismay of the traditional Fae.

The Fae are trapped in an millenium-old conflict with the Dark Ones, creatures born from shadow and evil who prey on the Fae and humans, a few Fae have chosen to allign with the Dark Ones in an attempt to destroy humans, who they believe are inferior to the Fae.

Biology of the FaeEdit

Fae are typically the same as humans with the exception being their class is what rank they are (noble, warrior etc.) and their genus is simply called Fey (ex. Fey fairie).

Fae live longer than humans, some, like Alesdair and the Prophetess, having been around since the middle ages; young Fae age like humans until they hit puberty, after which they age slowly, often not dying until they are at least a few centuries old though some Fae must feed in order to keep their youth.

Fae are able to cross-breed, in terms of inheritance female children typically gain their mother's powers while male children gain their father's, and in some cases hybrids are possible.

Politics of the FaeEdit

The Fae race has a hierachy that is very straight-forward, at the top is the Imperial Family, consisting of the Emperor, his wife and any children they may have, below them is the Council of Nobles, consisting of male nobles at least a century old whose purpose is to uphold the Codex, ancient rules that govern the Fae, and counsel the Emperor, the Duchess and Countess, sisters who handle the business aspect and the Brotherhood of the Fae, warriors whose duty is to protect the Fae and keep their existence safe from humans at any cost.

The Fae are strict, killing a fellow Fae without reasoning results in execution as does revealing the existence of the Fae to a human, and they often set up arranged marriages to keep bloodlines pure; a Fae is viewed as a child until they are at least a decade old, though the exceptions are the warriors, their families and the Duchess and Countess, and are viewed as property, in the event that they are left without a legal guardian the Council of Nobles chooses their next guardian.